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April Poem-a-day

Prompts in bold
April Poem-a-day
From; Nessa (tick the title to get there)

My Poems
April 1st

From Day to Night &
From Night to Day~
Where it all started
Is on the way.
New baby leaves
From their earthly beds
Will be dancing in Sunshine
Once Sun warms their little heads.

April 2nd
Feeling Free

The breeze
Does Remind me
Of winter’s long sleep.
Blow away coldness
Darnkess and sleep.
Freeing the spirits
To new early flight.
Not to my darkness
In solid delight.

April 3rd
a double entry (please except my apology, it sounds like I might be for it (in for it that is), but what I am is in knowledge of love and life and some of the feast and/or famine aspects of youth. Please forgive me if I offend.)I just know that, for me, if there is a place for a foot to enter my mouth in these kinds of situations, (ie. Questionable content? subject questioned, subjected question, you get the drift, there is a lot of room for pc error, ya know?) I’m your girl!

A Lover’s Triangle

3 is the magic number
Yes it is.
A man and a woman
One of them in trouble,
Yes indeed! one two three;
The man loved the lady
He brought a lot of favors,
Yes he did!
It's a magic something~~~
Man ~ woman ~ wife,
Husband in a plight,
Woman loves another,
Please don’t take my wife.
It’s a magic number.
(piano bridge please~~~)

What will they do?

Well now they might~~~

Man and the woman
Planted up a garden,
Yes they did!
It was magic numbers!
They planted all the flowers
And even little vegies.
until they had
Had that magic number!
3, 6, 9,
12, 15, 18.
21, 24, 27, 30
new things!
They multiplied
It's the magic
Nature plus people
They're the magic


One from a kindred youth
A Lover’s Triangle

Won’t listen to any advice,
Momma’s tellin’ me I should think twice.

My Friends all think I’ve gone crazy.
My judgements getting’ kinda hazy.
“Parle new strunzo a vote” 's my advice!
One of my clan contibutes this


April 4th
“Spring has returned.The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Every day a new
Little Green Radish Leaves
Little green hearts
Like a baby
My little radish baby
It’s a start.

April 5th
Spring Chicken

No spring chicken for me,
No Siree,
No spring chicken for me!
No way!
Cause I don’t got no mo' money, honey,
And the old fall chicken's fine,
Frozen is just fine, oh honey!
I’ll thaw out that old chicken to dine!
And It’ll taste just fine, now honey,
It's gonna be just fine!
There’s more than one kind of old cold chickens
I'll learn the new form of math and
We will all be just fine, yes siree, we will be just fine!
Chicken Scratch!

April 6th
Spring Rain, Fall Gold

Now makes me feel old
If I work hard I feel the best
I go to sleep early and get my rest.
I have to do it every day
Or I won't, ya know, but hey!
I got over it and so will you
Spring brings the rain
If we don't get more sunshine
Autumn will be disdained!

April 7th
Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~ Robin Williams

Nature shows us how to party
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait some more
Hide, hide, hide like Mork from Ork
Sleep, rest, warm
Can do no harm!
Just a little warmer now and some light!

In a minute you’ll have grown so big!
If you don’t move around
It’ll be a big sin!
Since we all have to do it,
Let us do it together.
Partying’s good in all sorts of weather.
We’re just happy to rhyme and measure!

If we be blown, we’ll dance up the waltz.
It we get cold, we’ll prance to the fox trot.
Finally the sun will grow us up! Way UP!
Next we can dance with the birds and such!
Do the Cha Cha, if you please!

And my friend Mr. Robin says;
No matter what anybody tells you, words & ideas can change the world.
AKA Robin Williams

April 8th
One Flower Does Not Bring Spring

“Abigail, Abigail, where do you go?”
“Up the high hillside to follow that doe.”
“Abigail, Abigail, there’s no deer to see.”
“Oh no? Well she led me right under that tree!
And find there, I may see, the single white star!
I wish to see if the spring is close or far!”
“Abigail, Abigail, don’t go tonight!
And don’t ever pick it, it won’t grow back right!
It also will curse you and stunt your young life,
Seven long years til it’s back with your strife!”
“Oh sir I will not! I just need to see!
If one little flower will want to pick me?
I am the fountain of joy, don’t you see!”
“Yes you are my dear sweet spring spree!”

AND it's another double
Another one from the clan, {thanks girl! UR my SUNSHine!}

One flower
Does not spring make
I am glad, for heavens sake!
Dahl Jr.goddess

April 9th
Spring forward, fall back
Time is illusive
Time is supreme
I am so tired when
Time gets changed
Can't we do it another way?

Dedicated to Charlie for his birthday!
Hey Charlie,
Do you know Bob Marley?
He sung reggae in a special rhyme way.
Here's a quote you might like to know,
From Bob Marley's immortal soul;
"Don't worry about a thing,
Every little thing is gonna be alright”
Hope your birthday is out of sight! (old slang for 'fun')

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