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Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Won't You Please Shine Down On Me. Another Interesting Natural News Article from Mike!

I know it sounds so opposite from everything the media and such has warned the public about, but I live in the PNW where the sun is not always available. I have always loved a bright morning, but also know that rain is essential. I find it so curious that the sun is what we’re being warned about. I live in an industrial area, and know that we are not as warned about the spills and 'shut down' clean ups and their dangers. Why not just blame the sun, not our people's bread and butter? Somehow we continue on, for the most part, unscathed. Those poor souls that get ill have no alternative than to listen to their doctor's. I pray they find true help with them. That they are 'CARED' for. I don't mean to confuse or disrespect anyone who has had problems there in. I only wonder about the mixed media genres.

We live down river (far down) from Hanford nuclear Camp.
It’s funny how Hanford has spent 54 billion dollars to come up with a stable glass to store the radiation in and as of 2006, hadn’t made one ounce, but had spent all that money. I am not a research scientist, but I know that amount of money is extreme, as is our nuclear problems at Hanford. It's really funny, but not the tee hee kind.
So, I've listened and listened to those who worked there at Hanford and to those who work at the near by factories and the old nuclear plant about what to do when there is chemical danger. The last 'spill' I heard about, was a mile long 'pet'coke spill on the Columbia River that the ‘powers that be’ were not going to clean up. Well that one was a bit blatant, but what about the ones we don't hear about? Obviously they don't kill off our race as fast as I might have thought, but what about Chernobyl? That one was horrific. Anyway, I don't blame the sun, but I wonder about the mixture of sun and chemicals in our atmosphere. Maybe that is the warning to be awarded our interest.
No matter what, I am going to enjoy our natural gifts.
No matter what, I am going to be exposed to things beyond my control.
If I allow this to keep me from enjoying what I enjoy, that is the greater danger for me.
SO, here is what Mike Adams from Natural News has to say about it. Thanks Mike! Tick the title to be redirected to the PDF interview.

The Healing Power of Sunlight

Did you know you have probably never been told the straight truth
about one of the most potent, yet overlooked, healing nutrients in the
world? In fact, medical groups have actually spent the past three
decades convincing you to avoid this "nutrient" by scaring you into
thinking it causes cancer.

But the truth is far different. Strong clinical evidence proves this
"nutrient" actually prevents and helps REVERSE an astounding number of
serious diseases (and I'll tell you all about it right here),

* Prostate cancer
* Breast cancer
* Osteoporosis
* Depression
* Gum disease
* Schizophrenia
* Diabetes

Curious what this "nutrient" really is? Let me give you some hints:
It moves at the speed of light. You can feel it (it feels warm), but
you can't touch it. Without it, there would be no life whatsoever on
planet Earth. And it can't be patented or sold for profit.

What is it? Sunlight.

I'm talking about natural, healthy sunshine, which enables your body
to make its own lifesaving vitamin D. Today, I want to share with you
the secrets of its health benefits in a fascinating special report
called, "The Healing Power of Sunshine and Vitamin D." It's available
for downloading right now at:
(Adobe Acrobat format)
(cut and paste, or tick the title for this report)

This special report contains information you probably won't hear from
your doctor or dermatologist, because it goes against everything they
believe about sunlight. But recent research is proving that not
getting enough sunlight is extremely dangerous to your health because
it causes vitamin D deficiencies that promote chronic disease.

Seeking out sunlight in safe, reasonable doses, on the other hand,
does wonders for your health and may, in fact, render all sorts of
conventional medical therapies irrelevant. Again, you can get the full
story in this fascinating special report right now:
(Adobe Acrobat format) (cut and paste, or tick the title for this report)

This special report features an interview with Dr. Michael Holick,
one of the world's leading experts on vitamin D and sunlight. In "The
Healing Power of Sunlight," he discusses his fascinating research.
You'll learn things like:

* How vitamin D deficiencies have been directly linked to several
types of cancer.

* In a study of African-American, Latino, and Caucasian women who had
just given birth, 76% were deficient in vitamin D and 81% of the
infants were deficient.

* A study in Finland showed that infants who were deficient in
vitamin D had an 80% increased risk of developing Type-2 diabetes as
an adult.

* 32% of students and doctors in Boston are deficient in vitamin D by
the end of winter.

* 40% to 60% of elderly people are at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

In "The Healing Power of Sunshine and Vitamin D," Dr. Holick also
explains little-known facts about sunshine and vitamin D. In this
special report, you'll learn:

* How proper nutrition helps you avoid sunburn without using chemical

* What the right amount of sunlight is for your body

* How vitamin D deficiencies cause prostate cancer, breast cancer,
osteoporosis and other diseases

* The true cause of asthma and why antihistamines only conceal the
symptoms of the disease rather than treating its cause

* How to calculate how much sunlight you need based on your ancestry
and current geographical location

* Seasonal Affective Disorder: how to treat it with sunlight exposure

* Why you can't get enough vitamin D from diet alone

* Why U.K. dermatologists support more sun exposure, but the U.S.
dermatology association refuses to change its stance

* How a lack of vitamin D may contribute to schizophrenia

* Why it is harder to absorb adequate amounts of calcium without
sufficient vitamin D

Take advantage of this information right now. It's "must-have"
knowledge that no person should go without. This information has
literally changed my health and my life, and I believe it can change
yours as well.

Get it now at:
(Adobe Acrobat format) (cut and paste, or tick the title for this report)

To your health,
- Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

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Banana This; Recycle Old Peels~ fertilizer or silver polish

There are things you can do with that old peel.

1. Do you have a green thumb? House hold plants and outside gardens require fertilization. A great way to give your plants nutrients is with a banana peel. The banana peel is very rich in potassium and phosphorus, which give that added boost to your plants soil, especially so with roses. Here is how to use a banana peel to fertilizer your soil for your plants. Remove the peel from the banana. Place the banana peel on a cookie sheet to let it air dry. Grab a paper bag or envelope. Crumble the dried banana peel and place it in the bag. Let the banana sit at room temperature for about two days. When your caring for your plant, give it a potassium treat of crumbled banana peel. Mix well in the soil to ensure the roots are fed evenly.
2. Have you been thinking about pulling out that old silver? Well there is no time like the present. Bananas peel can also be used to polish silver. Yes, polish silver. Take the old peels and place them in a blender. You want the peels to become smooth and creamy. Once they have, grab a cloth and small amounts of the creamed banana peel and begin polishing your silver. The shine will be breath taking.


Wild yeasts exist in the air around you and to some extent on the wheat berries. There are wild yeasts on grapes (unsulphured) and apples and other fruits. It is those wild yeasts which are 'captured' to make a sourdough starter. The process takes from 3 to 5 days. I wish I had specific amounts for you, but you could start with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of flour and mix in enough warm (not hot) water to make a thin paste. DO NOT make it too soupy. That, in fact, is the trick to a good starter, according to the French bread makers, and I think they should know. And after you've fooled around with the flour and water thing, you might wish to branch out into adding those unsulphured grapes, apples, sour milk, etc as a catalyst in order to capture other strains of yeast. Each of these strains has a slightly different taste. In fact if you move to another area, you might end up with a starter that produces an entirely different flavor. For instance, San Francisco sourdough bread is well known and has a distinct taste due to the wild strains in the air there. On day one you mix the flour and water (and add any catalysts to encourage fermentation) and place in a warm spot. After 3 days, the dough should be moist, inflated, and slightly sour. More flour and water is added (mixed in) and left to sit in a warm spot. After 2 days the process is repeated. Then the next day it is done again. Note the order: 3 days, 2 days, 1 day. At this point you should be able to make a loaf of bread using part of the starter and adding back what you took out in the form of more flour and water. Rule of thumb: Use about 10% starter to size of loaf. In the case of a 2 lb loaf this is a bit over 3 oz of starter (3.2 to be exact). For a 1 lb loaf 1.5 oz would be used. A book that describes this process in great detail is The Village Baker by Joe Ortiz, copyright 1993, published by Ten Speed Press, Berkley CA. If it's not still in print, try the used books stores, that's where I got mine. Or try your local library. If they don't have it, they might be able to get it for you. ©2008 by Ernestina Parziale

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